Quick Voice Pro

What is it?

Quick Voice Pro is a voice recorder for the iPad. Unlike it’s predecessor Quick Voice, this version has the capacity to email larger files. I’ve so far managed to email recordings up to 20 minutes long, which is a vast improvement on the last version, which allowed only a few minutes.

What can I do with it?

The main difference with this and other voice recording apps, like Audioboo, is that the files are stored on the iPad and not on the internet. The files can also be removed and stored on a computer, via email.

Why record things?

Recordings could be made of speaking tasks for later correction, or as a diagnostic. Tasks can be compared in a TBL format. Or simply, students could record specific information to give them a reason to speak, e.g. talk about your experience of studying at the British Council to share with another class, or British Council centre. I’ve found in the past that this app works particularly well with IELTS candidate students who record their speaking part 2 turns and listen to review.

You, the teacher, could also use the app to make recordings for listening activities in the classroom. The quality and clarity is much better than a digital reorder, and is a lot easier to use.