Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets is a great app for practicing speaking in a creative and simple way by enabling learners to record and listen to short dialogues. It is excellent for practicing, and raising learner awareness of, pronunciation and functional language, among other things. mzl.nqptjxdp.320x480-75

It’s proven really popular with teachers and students at our Kuala Lumpur teaching centre because of its user-friendliness and very quick set up time. Teacher Marcus Morgan says: “What I like about this, especially for young learners, is the 30-second recording time and limited set of characters. There’s no time wasted mucking about with setting up – it’s straight in and you’re off”. Teacher Christopher Whittle adds: “My elementary class loved it. They’d never heard themselves speak English before and it really encouraged self-awareness and led to a lot of self-correction and peer-correction”.

Watch the following video in which Marcus and Christopher take a closer look.

Get the app here. Would you use it? If so, how would you use it?


2 thoughts on “Sock Puppets

  1. The app can also be used to create listening texts for students – either for comprehension activities or for introducing target language (or both, of course).

    It’s interesting that some people have concerns about the ‘gimmick factor’. Well, I would argue that encouraging learners to record, and then listen to themselves, speak can only be a good thing. The puppets element makes the process inherently more interesting and the time limit encourages fluency and coherence.

  2. I think another great thing about this app is that it distorts the voice. I’ve been using apps with students young learners and adults and they have been so embarrassed about hearing their own voice that they have found it really difficult to focus on the task. With this young learners are motivated by the funny voices it makes and want to speak more to hear what it sounds like and adult learners can lose their inhibitions. It’s a great app I’m definitely in the non-gimmick camp and anyway there’s a fine line between gimmicks and fast finishers if you ask me. I mean where’s the language value in a colouring in fast finisher activity? I say bring out the iPads stress test a new app.

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