Padlet is a browser supported tool that you can be used for many things in class either using iPads or computers. It was previously known as wall wisher but has been revamped and is now a lot more user friendly and automatically updates and saves all changes.

It is basically an online wall that just by double clicking you can add notes to this wall simultaneously. It is a great tool for collaborative activities or to give instant feedback on writing.


How can Padlet be used in an ELT class?

I have used Padlet in the following ways so far:

A collaborative vocabulary bank made by students. Students had to find the definition of words first seen in print in a Shakespeare text and write their own context sentences for the rest of the students to be able to see and access when they like afterwards.

Collaborative writing. Students were given a number of themes to write on and in groups they had to write a different section of a persuasive essay related to that issue. Introduction, body and conclusion. Instead of passing paper round they just clicked on theĀ appropriate text box in Padlet.

Individual writing activities. Using Padlet students can be given a writing activity to do in class and you as the teacher can see what they are writing as they write via another iPad or on your computer on the IWB. You can call out the students name as and when they are writing and ask them to correct something or look at it again.

To give instructions for another iPad activity. Using padlet you can give instructions or share resources easily in order to implement another iPad activity or even do a webquest or set group collaborative activities.

To take notes of emerging vocabulary during class as an alternative to using an IWB programme meaning a link can be shared easily with students that won’t involve a download.

Advantages of Padlet

It’s extremely easy to use.

You can edit the link of your wall to give it an easy to remember name.

You can embed the padlet on a blog or on a student forum if you use one to share easily with students.


There’s only one drawback really in regards to iPad it doesn’t as yet have an app however it’s still fully functional on a tablet and the word on the techno grapevine is that there will be an app soon.


One thought on “Padlet

  1. This is really great, there’s so much to like about this! A big improvement on Wall Wisher. I think it’s particularly useful when used with an IWB to give feedback on writing.

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